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[01 Jul 2004|12:10am]
went to seattle with my mom and ashley.

went swimming after dark at island lake.. brrr.

good times.

good night.
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gooodddeeeekkkk. [29 Jun 2004|07:10pm]
i made your card.. hope you.re happy.

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[28 Jun 2004|09:41pm]
i guess i.m just gonna give up.

before i ever even try.

i don.t know.
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[27 Jun 2004|05:35pm]
why do so many commercials have corny catchy songs?

its annoying.

i.m bored.. kinda. watching some movie on tv.

umm whats going on this week?

i am gonna try and make things great. and they will be great and we will all be happy because it will be great.
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[27 Jun 2004|05:03pm]
some book thing i got from somebody .. not sure who. i.m bored.

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[26 Jun 2004|12:34pm]
last night was way way fun and way crazy... we were everywhere.. we used all my change going through every fast food restaurant.. there were ups and downs and all kinds of craziness. it was great. and i had fun so i hope you had fun.

i.m not sure what i.m doing .. that scares me. i am so happy right now.. i don.t know why. my head is spinning though.. what am i thinking? whoa whoa.

hopefully we get to go swimming today ASH. CALL ME.
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[25 Jun 2004|02:15am]

<3 mi amigo. y small cock emo kid. :) .. we need to journey to our indians like last year.
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stolen. [25 Jun 2004|02:04am]
who is....

the last person you talked to? nick

the last person you hugged? annie

the last person you kissed? josh

the first person you ever kissed? umm... my neighbor jordan before he moved way away away.

your craziest friend? in a good way? hm.. probably annie. or... i dunno.

your worst enemy? doesn.t matter.

most likely to call you next? um.. nick probably.


did you do today? hungout w. annie.. drove around .. mall .. sat .. ate at the boat shed .. saw ash at work .. came home

are you doing tomorrow? not sure.. going to see white room w. annie tomorrow night.

is your favorite type of weather? sun sunny days.

is your favorite food? olive garden

time is it? 2.09

color are your underwear? a bunch of colors .. striped.

are you scared of? lots of stuff. being alone.. not changing my current habits.

is directly to your right? a wall. and my phone.

would happen if you screamed right now? probably get slapped by one of the parentals.

is your favorite cereal? kix or ctc

would you do for a klondike bar? oh nothing.


is the last time you jumped on a trampoline? not sure

is the last time you spun around in circles really fast? well.. i have felt like i was spinning in circles.. haha.. umm i.m not sure when.

is the last time you danced? prom probably.

do you want to get married? i do.. not anytime soon

do you think you're gonna die? i don.t know.. when i.m ready to.


is your favorite place? my bed

did you grow up? right here

are you going? somewhere away from here.

do you want to go? journeying... away.

was your first kiss? my neighbors yard.. one night in the summer we were looking for shooting stars.

did you go the first time your flew on an airplane? disneyland

did you go the last time you flew on an airplane? san francisco

well that was fun.
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here.s a new entry for you nick...a. [23 Jun 2004|03:06pm]
so far summer is kinda lame.. its me nick and noah.. everyday. EVERYday. i love you guys... but sitting here is starting to lose its appeal.

i want to go some where.. i wanted to go camping but my 'friends' i was supposed to go with went w. out me.

i.ve also hungout w. my mother.. since she has summer off too. we sit and play sims. or go shopping. i hate shopping.. i can.t find shorts that fit right. or something.

ASHLEY.. want to hangout tomorrow?

ANNIE.. going to see ben and james. friday?

time to be the nice person i am and drive people to work.
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[21 Jun 2004|07:05pm]
yo puedo sentarme aqui?


me gusta ..... si.

no se. no se.

that is all i remember from la clase de espanol dos.

uno dos tres cuatro cinco seis.

adios mis amigos.
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[20 Jun 2004|07:25pm]
today .. i spent the day w. my dad. happy fathers day..

we went driving and went to the game farm and saw the animals and fed them bread and it was a really nice day.. oh we went to the casino and lost money too.. but i took some pics.

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[19 Jun 2004|01:52am]
right now i am listening to this sarah mclachlan cd... mhm.

* though i.ve tried, i.ve fallen... i have sunk so low.. i have messed up.. better i should know.. so don.t come round here and tell me i told you so... *

* everything changes .. everything falls apart *
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[18 Jun 2004|02:42am]
[ mood | content ]

she doesn.t think i can kick her ass but i am a big girl.. i am sick of stupid people. i never get mad .. well hardly ever. so stop talking shiiit.

i don.t give a fuuuuck.

these cherries i have been eating are really good.

i got 2 cd.s today in my mail box.

i missed a lot of calls today.. thats what i get for keeping my phone on vibrate.

would you be happy if we never talked again?

amanda and britt called from florida. glad they are having a good time. the funny thing is ... they called everyone else first. EVERYONE else.

i watched zeus and fagan skate for a little bit today.. it was way hot today.

there are a lot of random things in this entry.

pS. i hate livejournal.

my mom is off work for the summer now... oh great.

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[17 Jun 2004|08:05pm]
no camping.. because i have no friends here anymore. or they are all busy. or something.

i did hangout w. ashley today. it was gooooood .. it has been awhile. it was soooo hot today. er.

i am sick of people calling me 'josh.s girl ' .. once again i heard it today. i keep hearing it. i am nobody.s girl. we are friends.. friends. and even if we weren.t just friends i hate being referred to as GIRL. wtf.. the girl. i am tiff. and have a nice day.
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[16 Jun 2004|11:17am]
my america online instant messanger hates me.

and i hate him too.

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[15 Jun 2004|06:42pm]
amanda and britt just left for the airport.. to florida without me.

i.m not sure what makes me sadder/madder... that i.m not going with them or that my 2 best friends are gone for 3 weeks. a combo of both made me cry again as they pulled away. once an hour before they left.

i thought i didn.t get that job i interviewed for last week.. but my dad said she still hasn.t hired anybody yet.. so maybe. right now i really don.t even care.

camping i think tomorrow and thursday.. maybe friday too... i need to talk to people probably be a good idea.

last night i stayed at bryans.. my mom is crazy sometimes. she let me stay at his house.. she knew there would be drinking.. she just says 'don.t drive anywhere'. i guess i make friends when i drink or something because i got 2 calls today from people i wouldn.t normally talk to. weird.

* make a wish *
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[15 Jun 2004|02:29pm]
picture time.......

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[14 Jun 2004|01:22pm]
these 2 bbq.s a day is great.. i swear i.ve gained 30 pounds but its still great. i have ate soo much in the past few days. i think they should graduate all over again so we can just have more bbq.s

my best friends are leaving me tomorrow for florida. where i was SUPPOSED to go.. my mom makes me soo mad sometimes. no wonder she is being so nice lately.

i thought i had more to put in this thing... but i can.t think.

it is summer. i love summer... i want to go camping friday.. or sometime when it gets nice. yeahhh..................................

oh i need to go develop pictures today. ok.
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[12 Jun 2004|03:20am]
ooh i forgot i went to graduation and my best bestest friends all graduated and it was beautiful and i love all of you.
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[12 Jun 2004|03:13am]
i just got done watching love actually.

funny since i am the one who doesn.t believe in love.

love is overrated. one thing i don.t need.


good movie though. left me feeling like.....

i need to go to bed.
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